Smart Tank® with Smart Tee Regulation Valve

Flexcon Industries® has combined the proven technology of a pressure regulating valve with the innovative design of the Online tank to produce the industries only Smart Tank®. The Smart Tank® pressure system provides constant pressure over a broad range of flows, and the storage that every water system needs. The unique Smart Tee valve is connected to the Online tank with a union. Every Smart Tank system includes a relief valve and a manifold that provides ports for the systems' pressure switch, pressure gauge, drain valve and relief valve. This puts the controls right where they belong - at the tank. The Smart Tee valve and Online tank have been engineered to work together for optimum system performance.

Engineered for Optimum System Performance

The Smart Tank® pressure system works just like a standard pressure tank system but with one major difference - consistant water pressure delivery!

  1. On demand, water is drawn from the Online pressure tank until the cut-in pressure of the switch turns the pump on.
  2. System water now flows through the regulating body of the Smart Tee valve. The valve will maintain constant water pressure at each given flow rate, and consistant water pressure over a broad range of flows.
  3. When system demand ends, the Smart Tee's calibrated bypass port keeps the pump running just long enough to fill the tank and satisfy the cut-out setting of the pressure switch. The pump shuts off, and the system is now ready for the next demand.

The Smart Tank® pressure system will reduce pump cycles by as much as 75%, and give you the benefit of constant water pressure. Fewer pump starts and longer run times means longer pump and tank life.

Pre-Pressurized In-Well Water Tanks

No Tank® by In-Well Technologies, Inc is a pre-pressurized in-well water tank that eliminates the need to have a tank in your home. With this system, there is no pump or tank noise, and condensation is eliminated. The amount of exposed piping is reduced, and you will always keep a consistant water pressure. The No Tank® is made of stainless steel, eliminating rust. This product also comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

Normal Installation
No Tank® Installation

  • Installed In Well Casing
  • Longer Pump Run Times
  • One Model For All

  • Reduce Installation Time
  • Consistant Water Pressure
  • Reduces Exposed Piping
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