WellMate® Composite Water System Pressure Tanks

Fiberglass Water Tanks

The WellMate® Series offers features and benefits steel tanks just can't match. They are guaranteed to perform better and last longer. WM Series tanks are the ideal choice for new and replacement residential installations and pressure boosting applications.

WellMate® Advantages:
  • Corrosion-proof composite construction - From the high density polyethylene inner liner to the fiberglass-wound and epoxy resin-sealed outer shell, WM Series tanks contain no steel. So they can't rust.
  • Little or no maintainence - Because they contain no steel, there is no paint to scratch or touch up.
  • Longer life, greater flexibility - The unique air cell offers longer life than the bladders or diaphragms in steel tanks. WM series tanks can be installed with a wider range of pressure settings, so you can select the system pressure you want.
  • Light weight - WellMate® tanks are quicker, easier and less costly to install then steel tanks.
  • Factory-backed warranty - WellMate® backs its pressure tanks with a complete warranty, giving you the confidence and piece of mind that you have purchased a valuable system.
WellMate® UNIVERSAL Tanks

All the heavy-duty features you expect in WellMate® water system pressure tanks are built into the durable UNIVERSAL Tanks®. These totally corrosion-proof tanks ane ideal for chemical treatment and aggressive water conditions.

As strong as steel tanks but with as little as half the weight, WellMate UNIVERSAL Tanks are easier to install. They're the professional's choice for new or replacement installations where durability and performance are a premium.

The ideal contact tanks for sulfur, iron, or methane water treatment

  • Composite construction - Adds value to the installation. No rust, no peeling, no pin holes.

  • Higher performance - When adapted for hydropneumatic applications, the UNIVERSAL Tank provides 50% or more drawdown than similar sized conventional tanks.
  • Installation savings - Additional cost savings result from ease of installation.
  • The best warranty - Five year warranty from the date of installation.
  • Accessories for problem water - Can be fitted with an air injector and a top aeration adapter for sulfur, iron, or methane water treatment.

Convertible for hydropneumatic use

UNIVERSAL Tanks can quickly and easily be converted for hydropneumatic tank applications by installing the optional air volume control and top vent adapter.

Environmentally safe, 100% lead-free

WellMate® UNIVERSAL Tanks are constructed from non-metallic polymeric materials. The seamless inner tank shell is constructed of FDA-and/or NSF-listed polyethylene, and is impervious to chemical attack. And the complete air volume control assembly is non-metallic also.

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