Residential Gas Heaters from A.O. Smith®
ProMax® Water Heaters from A.O. Smith

6-Year Tank Limited Warranty

2-Year Parts Limited Warranty
Exclusive Commericial Grade A.O. Smith PermaGlas® Coating.

Ultra tough, commercial grade coating for appreciably longer water heater life. No upgrade required!

The New A.O. Smith DynaClean Automatic Sediment Cleaning System.

Unique self-cleaning, jet-scrubbing action not only greatly reduces sediment accumulation , but also maximizes hot water output.

Factory-Installed T&P Relief Valves On All Gas Models

We beat the proposed ANSI deadline for compulsory temperature and pressure relief valves by almost a year!

Higher Recovery Capacities!

New ProMax gas models heat water faster than standard water heaters. For more showers! More laundy loads! More readily available hot water! For example, our most popular 30 and 40 gallon models deliver up to 22% more hot water than previous models.

Brass Drain Valves!

Because ProMAx heaters are the best, they naturally deserve the best. Reliable, quality brass drain valves.

An Exclusive Easy-Open, Self Close Inner Door.

New spring-loaded, hinged-design opens easily, closes automatically. Reduces the risk of combustion chamber flame being accidentally left exposed.

New Screw-Down Draft Hood.
Screw-down safety feature prevents draft hood from being accidentally moved out of correct alignment. Proper alignment also provides maximum operating efficiency.

Exclusive A.O. Smith CoreGard® Stainless Steel Core Rod.

Unlike ordinary mild steel anode cores, this new stainless steel core can't corrode. So the anode rod can't break away, severing electrical connection and anode protective action.

Higher First Hour Draw Ratings

First Hour draw on ProMax standard 30 and 40-gallon models provides up to 9 more gallons of useable hot water. 13% higher than previous models.

Higher Energy Factors

Energy factors on all ProMax FCG, FCGL, FCGH, & FCGT models have been improved over previous models.

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