Franklin's CP Water Subdrive 75 from Franklin Electric®

...making well water even better.

Franklin Electric's® new CP Water Subdrive 75 combines reliability and state-of-the-art technology to provide well owners with a premium water system. SubDrive 75 provides constant water pressure by continually adjusting pump speed to meet water demand. SubDrive 75 also eliminates pressure cycling during long-running applications such as lawn sprinkling and geothermal heat pump operation.

Application Data

CP Water-SubDrive 75 is designed for use with a 3/4 HP pump mounted to a 1 1/2 HP Franklin Electric® motor. This innovative variable speed controller is designed for applications with a wide range of flow demand, including large homes, ground source heat pumps, and sprinkler systems. CP Water SubDrive 75 is UL recognized for USA and Canada.

Features & Benefits

  • Constant water pressure with a wide range of settings (25 to 80psi)
  • Works with a standard pump mounted to a standard 3-phase Franklin Electric® submersible motor
  • Works well with small pressure tanks or larger tanks already in place
  • Built in diagnostics and protection
  • Water faucets can be installed between wellhead and controller
  • Excellent radio frequency interference shielding
  • Installation is as simple as a control box
  • Soft start means less motor stress and longer motor life

SmartFlo® SQE Constant Pressure System

The SQE Constant water pressure system is one complete solution without the need of additional controls or wiring. The SQE constant water pressure system can be adjusted by the touch of a button. In addition to all this, the SQE constant pressure system is very easy to install and virtually maintenance free.

The main applications are:
  • Domestic water supply
  • Irrigation

The SQE constant pressure system offers constant water pressure despite varying demands

It also offers the features and benefits of the basic SQ pump:
  • Soft start to prevent water hammering and electrical disturbances
  • High starting torque even at low supply voltage, the SQ delivers a reliable water supply
  • Over load protection protects the motor against unstable voltage supply by reducing speed or stopping the pump
  • Dry running protection stops and prevents the pump from damage in case of dry running
  • Automatic re-start ensures a reliable water supply whenever possible

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