Your Drinking Water

To help you better understand water quality further, we have included information on water problems and their corrective equipment. Listed below are properties of your water and are considered secondary drinking water standards. Drinking water standards are set by the U.S. Environmental Health Agency (E.P.A.) concerning drinking water contaminants that are not considered hazardous to human health but that affect taste, odor, color, or cause staining on plumbing fixtures and clothing.



Corrective Equipment

Symptom and/or Definition


Water Softener 

Spotting on dishes and glassware, scale on inside of water heaters, plumbing pipes and other water using appliances, soap curd and ring around the bathtub, clothes look gray and unclean.

Iron (clear)

Iron (red)

Water Softener  
(0.3 - 2 P.P.M.) 

Iron Filter 
(0.3 - 10 P.P.M.) 

Yellow, brown or red rusty stains on plumbing fixtures, water using appliances and fabrics. Metallic and bitter, tasted in foods and beverages.


P.H. Neutralizing system  A measure of the alkalinity or acidity of   water. The PH scale ranges from 0 (extremely acidic) to 14 (extremely alkaline). A PH of 7 is neutral.


(total dissolved solids)
Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

Home Distillers
A general water quality parameter that is a measure of the quantity of dissolved organic and inorganic chemicals in water.


Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (S.R.B.’S) Iron Filters


Well Conditioning Programs

Automatic Chlorinators  
Caused by a bacteria that reduces sulfates in water to hydrogen sulfide gas, producing a rotten egg smell or taste, can also be an elemental sulfur.


Iron Related
Bacteria (I.R.B.’S)
Sanitizing Filters


Well Conditioning Programs

Automatic Chlorinators 
Iron Bacteria oxidize iron and form a bio-fouling mass that can accumulate in water systems, plug wells, water treatment devices and water distribution lines. Their presence can also result in discolored, or rusty water.


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